I can help with… stress, anxiety, depression, loss, relationship issues, low self-esteem and childhood sexual abuse. I have a particular interest in working with people who feel a sense of shame as this is often an issue that is difficult to share.

Confidential individual counselling in Huddersfield

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a relationship. It offers you empathy and unconditional positive regard. This means that the counsellor will work hard to see the world as you see it, and they will accept you without judgment.

Counselling provides you with a safe space where you feel able to share your thoughts and feelings. This can enable you to explore your concerns and help you to find a way forward. Most Counselling takes place in regular, planned sessions which last 50 minutes.

Receiving Counselling from a qualified Counsellor who is a member of a professional organisation means that you and the information that you share are treated with respect in accordance with legislation. Counsellors who are members of a Professional Organisation must meet the organisation’s training requirements and must follow an ethical framework. This helps to ensure that their knowledge and skills are up to date and they are acting in line with best practice.

During Coronavirus, I offer face to face counselling sessions remotely in the comfort and security of your own home. These sessions can help you to make sense of what you are feeling right now and to explore a different future.

Call Diane confidentially on: 07708 310758 or email: info@dianeslawinski.co.uk

Diane Slawinski

I offer a compassionate and non-judgemental approach to counselling. My personal values are integrity, equality and empathy. I am committed to offering you a safe space where you can explore your feelings and emotions and find different way of moving forwards.

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It can be difficult to choose a counsellor. However, choosing a qualified, insured counsellor who is a member of a professional organisation gives you assurance that they are working to meet the standards that you would expect.

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Call Diane confidentially on: 07708 310758 or email: info@dianeslawinski.co.uk