Qualifications and training

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Am I qualified?

I am a qualified counsellor and I teach counselling skills at a local Further Education college. I am passionate about providing an environment where you can feel safe to explore the issues that are concerning you without judgement.

In order to do this, I work in a Person Centred way. This means that I respect you as a unique individual. As a Person Centred counsellor, I work at your pace, looking at the areas that you want to consider. If this means that you wish to spend time looking back at events in your past this is your choice, likewise, it is also your choice if you want to focus on situations in the present or planning for the future.

For our safety, I am insured, and I have a DBS check which is on the annual update scheme. I invest in my own development to keep my knowledge and skills up to date, and I have regular professional supervision for my work. I am also a member of the BACP (https://www.bacp.co.uk/).

What areas do I work with?

People come to counselling for many reasons, sometimes they have looked for help because they feel anxious or depressed. Other people have found counselling helpful because they are overwhelmed either at home or work.

Sometimes people come for counselling because they have found that they are using coping mechanisms as a way of managing their distress. These coping methods can include, shopping, alcohol, computer gaming and issues around food.

I also have an interest in Adverse Childhood Experiences and the effects that they may have as children grow to be adults. My recent Professional Development has focused mainly on this area where I have completed courses in working with feelings of Shame.

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Call Diane confidentially on: 07708 310758 or email: info@dianeslawinski.co.uk